Our Grants

Single-year Grants Up to $20,000

AAPD Foundation awards single-year grants of up to $20,000 towards helping children than any other national dentist-led charity. AAPD Foundation funds community-based initiatives and organizations providing free or low-cost dental care for children whose families otherwise would go without.

Pilot Grants Up to $125,000 to fund special projects

As a new initiative, Pilot Access to Care Replication Grants will emphasize opportunities among applicants showing the greatest promise for success and replication potential on a regional and/or national basis. We have invited organizations to submit proposals based on Access to Care Pilot Grants and we have awarded two organizations with a pilot replication grant. UCLA School of Dentistry in Los Angeles and Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic in Waukesha, Wisconsin were awarded a one-year Access to Care Pilot Replication Grant of $125,000. 

Help more children in need!