A young girl and a female provider smiling.A young girl and a female provider smiling.

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To make the biggest impact on little teeth, we deliver grants to dentist-led clinics around the country. See our list of resources below for
reduced-fee providers in your area.

Dental Resource Directory


Be Your Child’s Healthy Smile Hero 

All children should have access to high-quality dental care and a network of trusted dentists. Help your child build a lifetime of healthy habits!


  • DO teach healthy hygiene habits early! Start to care for little teeth before they even emerge by wiping gums twice a day. 
  • DO help brush your child’s teeth with a small amount of fluoride toothpaste twice a day until they have good brushing skills.
  • DO keep a running list of all child’s oral and health history. 
  • DO supervise kids younger than 8 while brushing. 
  • DO ask your dentist or hygienist for additional tips caring for your child’s teeth! 
A colorful illustration of a mother and son brushing their teeth together with our Healthy Smile Hero watching over them.


  • DON’T create unhealthy eating habits by regularly giving sugary treats or candies. Introduce your kids to healthy foods! 
  • DON’T pass your fears of going to the dentist onto your kids. Many Americans are fearful of the dentist, which prevents regular check-ups and proper care. 
  • DON’T delay visits to your dentist! We recommend children go to the dentist by their first birthday. 
  • DON’T punish or get discouraged if kids miss a day. Scolding your child for poor brushing habits could create negative associations with toothbrushing. 
A colorful illustration of a mother and son brushing their teeth together with our Healthy Smile Hero watching over them.


Dental Resource Directory

Need help finding dental care for your child? Our Access to Care Grants support dentist-led clinics providing dental care for families in need.

Don’t see a location near you? Check again soon. This list is updated frequently.

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Chandler CARE Center Children’s Medical and Dental Clinic

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