Grantee Success Stories

Midvale Community Building Community, Inc. (CBC) Midvale, Utah

Families served by Midvale CBC are predominantly immigrants with limited English proficiency and little understanding of preventative dental care. Most will not seek out dental care on their own. To reach these families, Midvale is using Access to Care funds to support a home outreach effort. Dental teams identify children in need and make at least two home visits—one before and one after a dental clinic visit—to keep oral health care top-of-mind and increase the likelihood that children will maintain a good oral care routine.

Well Child Center Elgin, Ill.

Building trust with parents is the first step in Well Child Center’s “First Tooth Visit” program. Dental staff explains the importance of healthy baby teeth and parents’ role in ensuring their children have the advantage of good oral health. This empowers parents to start a good home care routine and bring their children back for regular dental visits.

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