The Dr. Beverly A. Largent Access to Care Innovator Award

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The AAPD Foundation is excited to announce a new award recognizing a deserving individual for excellence in providing dental care for children from families that cannot afford it. Sponsored by Elevate Oral Care, the Dr. Beverly A. Largent Access to Care Innovator Award will feature a $10,000 cash award for the recipient’s organization and a trip to receive the award during AAPD 2022 in San Diego.

The Access to Care Innovator Award seeks to recognize an individual whose passion and creativity allowed them to provide Dental Homes for underserved children. It also represents an opportunity for the Foundation to recognize an innovator of our own, the individual who took the first step in leading the Foundation into Access to Care: Dr. Beverly A. Largent.

During a Foundation Board of Trustees meeting in February 2008, Board members were asked to name their greatest wish for the Foundation. Dr. Largent made the statement that she wished to “wipe out caries in kids.” Her declaration not only changed the nature of the conversation that day, it put the Foundation on a course that allowed it to issue more than $6.3 million in grants that helped more than 573,000 children.

As AAPD President-Elect and into her term as AAPD President, Dr. Largent chaired the Foundation’s business plan task force that outlined a strategy that included issuing grants to support clinics providing care to underserved children. This group evolved into today’s Grants and Programs Committee.

In recognition of Dr. Beverly Largent’s own innovation and as a means for thanking her for her many contributions to the Foundation’s Access to Care work, Elevate Oral Care.

All nominations must be submitted via AAPD Foundation’s online application system. Please note that the application system for this award is not the same as the Access to Care Grant system, please visit our application page at: to obtain the application. Nominations received by any other means (e-mail, USPS, etc.) will not be considered.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.