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Applications open July 31, 2024 

Selected applicants can receive one-year grants of up to $30,000, supporting community-based initiatives in the U.S. that provide dental care and ultimately serve as a primary dentist to underserved/limited access children.

Who Can Apply?

Applications are closed until spring 2024. Once they open, all non-private dental and/or medical organizations located in the United States and its Territories are welcome to apply.

Can Apply

  • Nonprofit organizations  
  • Local health jurisdictions
  • County health departments
  • Hospitals and clinics  
  • State government agencies  
  • Colleges/schools of dentistry  
  • Colleges/schools of medicine (pediatric and family medicine departments only)  
  • National, state, and local dental societies
  • Non-pediatric dentist programs (however, priority Is given to projects with pediatric dental leadership)
  • Hygienist-based programs (as long as they are conducted under direct supervision of a dentist)  
  • Resident-based programs (as long as a licensed dentist is overseeing all patients and running the program) 

Cannot Apply

  • Non-dentist-led projects  
  • Private practices
  • Any for-profit entities 
  • Personal expenses

Grant Application FAQs

The 2024-2025 Access to Care Grant application is located on our grant interface site. If your organization has previously applied and has an existing account, please do not create a new profile. All prior usernames from previous application should still be active.

Questions about eligibility and grant qualifications?