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Our People

Board of Trustees from left to right: Dr. John Rutkauskas; Dr. Jerome B. Miller; Dr. Neophytos (Ned) L. Savide; Mr. Kevin Thomas; Dr. Shari C. Kohn; Kevin Donly; Dr. Deven Shroff; Dr. Nick Rogers; Dr. Mario E. Ramos; Dr. Kenneth C. Thomalla; Dr. Douglas B. Keck; Dr. Charles S. Czerepak; Dr. Teresa Fong; Dr. Oariona Lowe.

Leadership 2018-2019 Board of Trustees and Officers

  • Dr. Nick Rogers, President
  • Dr. Neophytos (Ned) L. Savide, Immediate Past President
  • Dr. Teresa Fong, Vice President
  • Dr. Charles S. Czerepak, Treasurer
  • Dr. Douglas B. Keck, Secretary
  • Dr. Kevin J. Donly, AAPD President Elect
  • Dr. John Rutkauskas, AAPD/AAPDF Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Shari C. Kohn, Trustee
  • Dr. Oariona Lowe, Trustee
  • Dr. Mario E. Ramos, Trustee
  • Mr. Kenneth C. Thomalla, Trustee
  • Mr. Kevin Thomas, Trustee
  • Dr. Deven Shroff, Trustee
  • Dr. Jerome B. Miller, Trustee Emeritus

AAPD Foundation Staff

  • Paul Amundsen, M.N.A., C.F.R.E.
    Vice President for Development and Charitable Programs
  • Michelle Hidalgo, M.S.
    Development and Marketing Manager
  • Jasmine Williams
    Donor Relations Assistant
  • Gary Rejebian
    Development Director
  • C. Scott Litch, Esq., C.A.E.
    AAPD COO and General Counsel
Aapd Foundation Staff Photo 2019

Gary Rejebian, Michelle Hidalgo, Jasmine Williams, Paul Amundsen

Executive Committee

  • Dr. Nick Rogers, Chair
  • Dr. Charlie S. Czerepak
  • Dr. Teresa L. Fong
  • Dr. Douglas B. Keck
  • Dr. Mario E. Ramos
  • Dr. John Rutkauskas
  • Dr. Neophytos (Ned) L. Savide
  • Dr. Deven Shroff

Development Committee

  • Dr. Douglas B. Keck, Chair
  • Dr. Reza Ardalan
  • Dr. Brian A. Beitel
  • Dr. Carolyn Crowell
  • Dr. Paul Kennedy III
  • Dr. Shari C. Kohn
  • Dr. Kerry Maguire
  • Dr. Nick Rogers
  • Dr. Neophytos (Ned) L. Savide
  • Mr. Kevin Thomas

Finance & Audit Committee

  • Dr. Charlie S. Czerepak, Chair
  • Dr. David K. Curtis
  • Dr. Douglas B. Keck
  • Dr. John Rutkauskas
  • Dr. Deven Shroff
  • Mr. Kenneth C. Thomalla

Grants & Programs Committee

  • Dr. Deven Shroff, Chair
  • Dr. Richard S. Chaet
  • Dr. Jennifer Cully
  • Dr. Charles S. Czerepak
  • Dr. Cliff Hartmann
  • Dr. Shari C. Kohn
  • Dr. Cheen Loo
  • Dr. Jim Nickman
  • Dr. Anupama R. Tate
  • Dr. Stacy Weedon
  • Dr. Joseph S. Young

Nominations Committee

  • Dr. Ned Savide, Chair
  • Dr. Jackie L. Banahan
  • Dr. Teresa Fong
  • Dr. Douglas B. Keck
  • Dr. John Rutkauskas
  • Dr. Anupama R. Tate

Marketing Committee

  • Dr. Mario E. Ramos, Chair
  • Dr. Miranda A. Albert
  • Dr. Courtney Alexander
  • Dr. Lois Jackson
  • Ms. Diane Johnson Krueger
  • Dr. Oariona Lowe
  • Dr. Ashley Orynich
  • Mr. Kenneth C. Thomalla