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AAPD Foundation supports community-based initiatives providing Dental Homes to children from families who cannot afford dental care. AAPD Foundation is the nation’s largest pediatric dentist-led foundation dedicated to child oral health

Our Grantees We award grants each year to organizations that help them make an impact on child oral care.

Our Donors We could not accomplish our goals without the support of our donors. Thank You!

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With the new school year quickly approaching, its important to make sure your checklist is complete! Start the year right with a dental check up to make sure your little rockstar has optimal oral health to make their smile shine. For more parental resources and tips, visit https://www.mychildrensteeth.org/Little-Teeth-Truths.../ #AAPDFoundation #BigLoveForLittleTeeth #healthykids #kidsteeth #backtoschool
This year, as you renew your AAPD membership you will have an opportunity to support the AAPD Foundation. If you have given in the past, THANK YOU. We hope you will consider continuing, and if possible, increasing your support. If you’ve never given to the Foundation, please consider it if you are able. When you give to the AAPD Foundation, one hundred percent of your gift benefits children directly. #AAPDFoundation #kidsmiles #giving
If your childs baby tooth is ready to come out, encourage them to gently wiggle the tooth with their finger or tongue until it naturally falls out. Pulling the tooth out before it is ready can cause bleeding and pain. Learn more, visit https://www.mychildrensteeth.org/should-parents-help.../ #AAPDFoundation #BigLoveforLittleTeeth #oralhealth
Did you know that when you donate to the AAPD Foundation, one hundred percent of your donation helps kids in need receive the dental care they need for optimal oral health? You can make a difference in a childs smile today! Ready to share your #BigLoveforLittleTeeth? Visit https://aapdfoundation.org/our-impact/donate/ to donate today. #AAPDFoundation #BigLoveforLittleTeeth #healthykids #kidsmiles #giving
Since 2010, AAPD Foundation support has enabled 153 nonprofit clinics to provide essential dental care to more than 700,000 under and uninsured children who otherwise might not have received the treatment they needed. 

Learn more about the AAPD Foundation grants and grantees at https://aapdfoundation.org/.../how-your-donations-are-used/ #AAPDFoundation #BigLoveforLittleTeeth #oralhealth #dentistsrock #healthykids #kidsteeth #Parenthood #Kidsmiles
Poverty has an especially strong correlation with early cavities, as the percentage of young children with untreated tooth decay rises as family income declines. We need your help. The AAPD Foundation is the largest dentist-led charity dedicated to child oral health. Together with the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the Foundation is the foremost advocate in the fight to ensure that kids have the access to care they need, regardless of their parent’s or caregivers ability to pay for dental services. Join our mission to help ensure optimal oral health for kids by supporting the AAPD Foundation. When you make a gift, one hundred percent of your donation goes directly to help kids in need.

Visit https://aapdfoundation.org/our-impact/ to learn more about how your contribution can help the lives of many children.
With the help of amazing donors, the AAPD Foundation has provided funding for 153 grants in 36 states and the District of Columbia. Know a clinic that may qualify for a grant? Check out our funding criteria at AAPDFoundation.org
Summer is here! Have some fun in the sun, but remember to brush your teeth and maintain an oral hygiene routine. Healthy snacks are a must-have during the summer months, and good oral habits tend to get left behind when school is out! Read how your child can eat sweets and maintain a healthy smile. https://www.mychildrensteeth.org/healthy-summer-snacks/ 
#schoolsout #summertime #summer2021
Early childhood dental care is vital to long term optimal oral health. Make your bi-annual appointment for your kids check-up today. To learn more about helping your child have optimal oral health, visit, https://www.mychildrensteeth.org/
The AAPD Foundation is honored to have our very own Paul Amundsen featured in a recent article by Incisal Edge! Paul is named as one of the many people working to combat lacking oral health in underserved communities. Since 2010, the AAPD Foundation has provided more than seven million dollars in grants to 153 nonprofit clinics across America. To donate, apply for a grant, or learn more, visit us at https://aapdfoundation.org.
We need allied health professionals, community organizations, and other health professionals to help prevent oral disease in young children and educate parents about the importance of good oral health for their childs well-being. This #CommunityHealthImprovementWeek, join us in our mission to ensure optimal oral health to all kids by donating to the AAPD Foundation. When you do, 100 percent of your gift benefits kids in need get optimal oral health. https://aapdfoundation.org/our-impact/donate/
Cavities in very young infants are rising in the United States and worldwide, especially among children from low-income families. Its a public health emergency that threatens young childrens teeth and their general health and development. The AAPD Foundation has awarded more than $7 million in grants to support 153 nonprofit clinics around the United States that provide programs and services to dentally uninsured or underinsured kids. 

The need is great and growing. Your gift makes an immediate difference. One hundred percent of your gift directly benefits children who otherwise might not have had access to the dental care they need and deserve. Show your big love for little teeth by donating today! https://aapdfoundation.org/our-impact/donate/

Foundation Spotlight

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May 22, 2019

Dental Home Day 2019

Dental Home Day is a day of service and a year of care, thanks to Sunstar Americas, Dental Home Day sponsor since 2013. AAPD Foundation donors and AAPD members gathered on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 to help the underserved children of Illinois receive access to dental care.

Last year, Dental Home Day was held at St. Bernard Hospital Ambulatory Care Clinic, an AAPD Foundation single-year grantee. Throughout the course of the day, children received teeth examinations, cleanings and treatments for any dental issues they may have. AAPD Foundation is providing St. Bernard a $20,000 Access to Care Grant to continue to provide care to Dental Home Day children and become a permanent Dental Home.

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139 Grantees 34 States and DC

Tooth decay (cavities) is an epidemic among our youngest children – an epidemic even worse for children from families struggling with poverty.  Since 2010, AAPD Foundation has awarded more than $6.5 million in grants and commitments to 139 organizations in 34 states and the District of Columbia. AAPD Foundation grantees have helped provide Dental Homes to more than 573,000 children.