The Child Oral Health Crisis

Did you know that tooth decay is the most common childhood disease?

It’s true, forty five percent of children aged six to eleven are affected by tooth decay. The impact of tooth decay is staggering.

In the United States, over 34 million school hours are lost due to dental pain and problems. Research also shows that teens with dental problems are two times more likely to feel inferiority and self-esteem issues than those with good oral health.

The epidemic of tooth decay is even worse for children and families struggling with poverty. Children aged 2 – 9 living in poverty are twice as likely to suffer tooth decay as their more affluent peers, and their disease is more than twice as likely to go untreated (37 percent of poor versus 17 percent of non-poor) because of inadequate or nonexistent dental insurance, or the parent’s or caregiver’s ability to pay out of pocket for exams, cleanings, and treatments.

AAPD Foundation strives to ensure every child has a dental home – a place where they can receive consistent, compassionate dental care. We fund and cultivate community-based initiatives where pediatric dentists and other oral health professionals help the underserved. Affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), we are connected to more pediatric dentists than any other national child oral care charity.

Please join us as a donor, a grantee, or a volunteer as we work to eliminate cavities in kids and ensure that all kids have access to the dental care they need and deserve, regardless of their parent’s or caregiver’s ability to pay.