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What is Dental Home Day?

It’s our favorite day of the year. Why? Because it’s an amazing opportunity to see our mission at work!


Oral health is a leading indicator of overall health. Without early and ongoing dental care, children are more vulnerable to tooth decay which can trigger a domino effect of pain, malnutrition, behavior problems, poor school performance and other physical, social and emotional issues.


Tooth decay is the single most common childhood disease, and is more prevalent among lower socio-economic populations. Extending access to care to vulnerable populations will help reduce cavities and have a positive impact on the overall health of the next generation.


Each year, the AAPD Foundation and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry works with a nonprofit dental clinic to host a day-long service event welcoming children and their families to their new Dental Home, a safe, consistent place where they can engage with dentists and other dental professionals, and receive free check-ups, cleanings, restorative work and home care education in a fun and welcoming environment.


To date the AAPD Foundation has hosted eight Dental Home Days across the country. Stay tuned for information on the next Dental Home Day. To learn more about Dental Home Day, or to apply for a grant, please contact our Grants and Programs Assistant at (312) 337-2169 ext. 39.


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Foundation, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry are committed to ensuring that all children, regardless of financial circumstance, have a Dental Home. Through the generosity of donors, the AAPD Foundation issues grants to cover the cost of care for Dental Home Day and to support a full year of ongoing care at for participating patients at the host clinic.


When you support the AAPD Foundation, ONE HUNDRED percent of your gift goes directly to children in need. By supporting the mission of the AAPD Foundation, you’re creating a lasting legacy of oral health that shines through the smiles of the children we serve. On behalf of the more than 130 nonprofit clinics that have received an AAPD grant, and the more than 500,000 kids in their care, thank you for your generous and sustained support.

Dental Home Locations

Orlando 2013

Boston 2014

Seattle 2015

San Antonio 2016

Washington 2017

Honolulu 2018

Chicago 2019

Nashville 2020

To learn more about Dental Home Days, please contact our Grants and Programs Assistant at (312) 337-2169 ext. 39, or email: